M.U.S.C.L.E Nes Game

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Game Description

It is a fighting game developed by Those and published by Bandai for the NES system .

it has eight playable characters, each with his own special move. The game was first released  by a 1987 only for NES Famicom Disk System .

The game has two modes, one requiring the player to defeat a computer opponent while the other requires two players to fight against each other.

Game Play Images

When the game start you will be able to select wrestler character .

Actual Game Play 


Game Controller

For Mobile or tablet devices like iPhone or android the buttons will appear automatically on the screen .

For computers these buttons on keyboard will be for game controller


← → ↑ ↓Directions
enter ↵Start
Shift –Select
Z –B
X –A
C- Turbo B
S –Turbo A

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